Empowering Young Changemakers

We are Young Talented Optimistic Full of Potential

To achieve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, we create a platform for young people to learn, innovate and engage, thus affecting a magnitude of change in their communities through sustainable solutions.

Our Goals & Objectives

1. Capacity Development

To provide relevant skills, knowledge, values and attitudes for the youths in addressing the global challenges.

2. Inclusive Economic Growth

To provide an avenue that support productive activities, decent job creation, entrepreneurship, creativity,  innovation, and community development.

3. Achieving Goals

To partner with organization to mentor and provide guidance for young leaders to break records and achieve their goals.

What we do


discovery walk

We create a platform for young people to learn about self discovery and personal development. We have a community of young people who interact to learn, share ideas and volunteer for projects in order to build their networks, develop their skills and learn essential skills such as leadership, communication and interpersonal skills.



We organize career awareness programs for young minds with the view of communicating the importance of talent discovery before choosing a career and we organize career acceleration programs for youths.




We organize mentorship programs for teenagers and youths as a follow-up strategy to support their development journey.



We organize projects targeted at educating young people and giving them an opportunity to interact, share ideas, and volunteer for project execution.



COMMUNITY development

We embark on community development projects, such as fundraising projects to help the less privileged, solving social issues, and capacity building projects for undergraduates.




We partner with like-minded organizations to support community work and youth development projects.




As a kingdom citizen, you have an important role to play because you are the salt of the earth. You are in this world for a reason, not to avoid the world, but to play your part to influence and change the world through your personal involvement. Heaven will not release you to come if the earth does not need you. Therefore, do not be quiet. Run for that position so you can change and influence positively. Read up that current issues, and stay abreast of the news. Choose that career that will get you into the mainstream of society where your influence can be the greatest. Get involved in every area of law, entertainment, politics, medicine etc.

We cannot engage the popular culture by avoiding it, we must fill it with kingdom people. Get involved, solve that problem, take lead in change movement. Make your contribution to knowledge and development in the society. Yes, you might not be the best, but be among the impact driven individual. Represent the kingdom well in all you do, and stand rightly. Whoever controls the laws, controls the culture implemented.

You are YTOP
EKUNDAYO Oluwadamilare PMP
Founder YTOP Global

At YTOP Global

We value Integrity, Honesty, Commitment, Community development, Accountability, Sincerity, Collaboration and Creativity.

We are a happy team. We love what we do and we believe we can create a community of great minds

What YTOP is doing

Community Impact

These are some of the projects we're involved in

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Youth Reached

Our Testimonial

Featured Events


YTOP Conference

An annual physical conference that feature speaker sessions and panel discussions to discuss practical approaches towards personal development and academic excellence.

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Carrer Discovery

Rise of Warriors (ROW)

A 2-week virtual program on emotional intelligence, personal branding, practical leadership approaches, and communication.

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Virtual conference

YTOP and Friends

A virtual conference on personal and career development where youths meet with industry experts to gain, learn, unlearn, and relearn the concepts of knowledge and skill development

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Become a Volunteer

Volunteering is more than just a way to meet people or boost your CV - it involves doing something you care about without being paid, which can give you a sense of purpose and accomplishment. YTOP GLOBAL has created the YTOP VOLUNTEERS HUB, a platform for young people to participate in sustainable development programs and events. By volunteering with YTOP GLOBAL, youths can expand their skills, improve their self-esteem and confidence, and combat stress, loneliness, social isolation, and depression. If you want to discover your talents in project management, content writing, IT, or other areas, the YTOP VOLUNTEERS HUB is an excellent opportunity to develop and enhance your skills.

Fundraising For The People And
Causes You Care About!

Fundraising for the less priviledge

Help the less privileged thrive. Join our fundraising campaign for education, and basic needs. 


Fundraising for Sponsorship (Indegene)

Empower dreams with Indegene sponsorship. Join our fundraising campaign.


Youth Capacity Development Programs

Empower youth. Fundraise for capacity development. Make a difference.

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